The Week in Review

The short story of this past week:

– You can be so sore that it physically hurts to sleep.

– Sometimes it is difficult to find the right balance between running, resting, and CrossFit. 

– Caffeine is a very powerful drug, and when used appropriately can truly save a day.



After being incredibly sore after my first WOD on Thursday (to the point that I actually had to ask the Hubby, aka The Love of My Life,  to help me take off my sports bra), I finally started to feel like a real person again.  So, I started the day at 5am at the gym with The Love of My Life, with a nice, slow, easy treadmill run.  

4.36 miles, 55:38min, run pace 11:30 min/mile

It was slow, but it felt great.  I could have kept going for days, but work happens.  So, I did the work thing, and made it back to Tupelo just in time!


If my first WOD was a “this is great! I so got this!” experience, this was the humbling “holy smokes, I’m worthless”.  The burpees in the warm up had me beat.  I had to scale so much in the WOD I felt pretty bummed.   I have never tried a box jump so out of pure lack of confidence I did the step-ups. But, I finished it! Trying to stay positive! 


Lindsey 12:34, and I felt every second of it.


Woke up crazy sore.  As in, couldn’t lift a full Nalgene bottle with one arm kind of sore.  And, needless to say, standing in one place in the OR all day doesn’t loosen you up very well.  But, I took a peak at the WOD and thought, “hey, I think I can do that!”  So, sucked it up, and went back to the box.


Loved me some running for warm up.  I’ve got that in the bag.  Still doing “bar for form” on my back squats, but I’m okay with that.  I don’t want to hurt myself.  The WOD was tough, no joke, but I powered through!  Finished in 10:44!  Love that sense of accomplishment!


That says Lindsey 10:44! Blurry!


A much needed recovery day.  Could barely move.  Couldn’t open up doors.  Couldn’t brush my hair.  Woke up every time I tried to roll over during the night with severe pain in my arms and left ribs.  Not a good day.


Still sore, but it was time to get another run in for the week.  It did not go well.  Somebody filled my shoes with lead.

2.33miles, 31:33min, run pace 11:27 

I took a look at the WOD.  It included double unders for warm up, then handstand push ups, pull ups, power hanging snatch, sit ups, air squats.  First– I can’t jump rope.  I mean, unless it includes 3 girls with pig tails, a playground, and a song about bubblegum or puppies.  Second, the pain in my rib was so bad I could barely do a plank.  So, I did a very very scaled down version of the WOD at the gym.  Then, I had some nice random people at the gym try to teach me to jump rope.  I made it to 5 singles… Counting that as a win.


Such a mental battle.  Run or CrossFit?  CrossFit or run?  I’ve got to train for my upcoming half.  But, if I don’t keep doing CrossFit, how will I ever get better??  UGH!  Plus, had a raging case of the blahs.  Really didn’t want to do anything.  But a nice cup of java did just the trick!

Decided to go for my long run.  It was overall tough.  Heavy legs, a few super tough hills. But rocked 7.45 miles!



My first time on the rowing machine, my first partner WOD = love them both!  Coach had me skip the Kipping swings due to my what I’ve self diagnosed as an oblique strain, but I did get to add some weight on my back squats as I’m finally starting to get my form right! Woohoo! Plus, we finished the WOD in 9:34 (about mid of the pack).  WIN!



Can’t wait for next week!  (Sorry all the WOD pics are off the internet…)

How do you balance CrossFit with other sports?  Any pointers?

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