The Goal Post

No, this is not a post about the BCS National Championship game.  (That one will come tomorrow night!  Roll Tide!!)  This is the obligatory “Put My 2013 Goals Into Writing” post.  Something about writing it down and then sending it out into the world on the internet makes it real.  I mean, it’s easy to “mis-remember” those goals come December.  “Oh, no, my goal wasn’t to LOSE weight, just not to GAIN any in 2012.”

But here it is.  In stone.  No denying it in 12 months!!

#1- The Basic — 500 miles Total Mileage

Before you scoff, please take into account that I am still a “new” runner.  I just started last year, and I logged (approximately) 250 miles in 2012, but I wasn’t great with logging.  (I’m hoping my new Garmin will fix that!)  So 2x increase seems reasonable without being crazy.  Plus, this takes into account that A- I hate running in the summer heat (yeah, not convenient when you live in Mississippi, aka the Face of the Sun), so I know that will be a down time; B- Still rocking these 80hr work weeks; C- other possible life changes that might decrease mileage.  So, for this one, I’d much rather SMOKE my goal then not meet it.

#2- The Lofty Goal — Under-30 5K

How amazing would it be to hit an under-30 5K in my last year under 30?!? It is basically destined to happen! My last 5K was 34:41, so I think it’ll be tough, but possibly do-able!  It’s just gonna take A LOT of training!

#3- The Biggie — My First Half Marathon

This is the one that I have been thinking (and praying) about for a while, and actually the reason I’m not putting my goals into writing until January 6th.  For years I’ve been flippantly saying “I want to run a half marathon,” without being able to run a mile.  So, I didn’t want to commit to it if I didn’t think I could do it.  But here I am, finally able to run more than 5 miles, and pretty darn motivated.  So I am taking the plunge.  First half marathon, prepare to be conquered!  Now, just have to find one that fits my schedule… (But secretly having SO much fun race shopping!)

#4- Not Running Related — Do An Unassisted Pull-Up

I don’t know why I associate a pull-up to bad-assness, but I do.  And I want to be that girl in the gym, or at the local playground, or in the grocery store, or anywhere I can find a horizontal bar above waist-height (and then I’ll also be “that girl” but who cares?!)  I’ve got a plan for this one that includes a lot of personal time with the Lat Pull-Down and Assisted Pull-Up machines at the gym.  AND, I’m toying with the idea of throwing some CrossFit into my fitness routine to help me toward my goal, and to increase my overall bad-assness rating.

There they are!  For all the internet to see!  I would welcome any advice!  Oh, and next up, my first blog race re-cap of the Mississippi Blues Marathon Relay!

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